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Bethany Kelley -  Artist 

Previous work, 2017


There You Are

Rochester Art Museum (Rochester, MN)

28” x 29” X  2.5”

wood, acrylic, latex, panelboard

This fiberboard weaving is housed within a handmade frame built to best showcase the three components of my art that excite me most: color, movement and texture. 


There You Are I &  II were the first completed pieces in a series that further investigated my relationship with color, texture and movement. Essentially the pieces woven together came from a complete painting that I deconstructed, mixed up and reassembled. Metaphors of connectivity, community, relationship and rapport are rich in this series.


The white frame and background allows full focus on the color and canvas-like texture of the fiberboard and also gives the clearest possible visual as shadows move and interact behind the weaving. 

There You Are II

Rochester Art Museum (Rochester, MN)

wood, acrylic, latex, panelboard

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