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An expansive and complicated world exists within each person sitting in the coffee shop, waiting beside us in traffic, or living alongside us in our homes. There is an internalized history and a dynamic storyline playing out inside the walls of the human mind and our intersections with each other matter to this process. My fascination lies with how the same interaction can be read wildly differently. 


Our personal narrative impacts how we experience this exact moment at this exact time and place and directs how we feel, see, react and remember. The way it feels to live from moment to moment can be widely variable and can be full of attachments, triggers, and muscle memory tucked beneath the many layers of our minds.

To be human is to dwell apart from others and always be a bit misunderstood. To be human is to dwell together in community and do the misunderstanding. 

Using outlines of housing structures as metaphors for humans along with plentiful paint layers, I consider the internal and external complexities and variability of the human experience. The individually etched houses belong to themselves but are undeniably part of the larger community. There are both intrapersonal and interpersonal stories here  as each structure leaves an impression on the space, and is also being influenced in return. In the work, as with people, we may sense relationships unfolding, lasting marks being made or even structures in stages of demolition and reconstruction. 

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