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Artist Bio

I am a visual artist specializing in wood and painting.


I let concepts guide my material choices and tools and I use them as subtle metaphors throughout the work. Although the visuals vary the themes throughout my work often involve peacemaking and bridge building as well as exploring the universal experience of misunderstandings that occur between individuals and within entire communities. My work investigates the interactions between humans and also the way we privately live within our own minds. How do we speak to ourselves? How do we reconcile whats inside us and whats around us? 


Visually, I include lots of texture and color within my pieces as well as embedded meaning pulled from the exact moment and time of creation. It might be words scratched into the surface that were spoken nearby or a colors chosen from real time inspiration. My paintings are intuitive and greatly influenced by the here and now. 


I believe  that  resourcefulness  is a direct path to creativity and I invite her in as my  studio companion  always. For me,  the breakthroughs happen when  I ask  “what  if ” or work  within  lean or  imperfect   circumstances. 

A toy broken by one of my children in the morning may become  a  mark  making tool that night. 

A painting that seems on the verge of completion  might be  covered  up in the next  moment to keep exploration  moving  forward and  see  what’s next. 

Blurring the lines between being a woodworker and a painter adds to the excitement of thinking beyond the canvas to further push the work.


I was raised in San Diego and spent a decade away. The years living in Washington DC, Chicago, Palm Desert and most recently Rochester, MN were each a unique opportunity to see different parts of this country and consider our intersections of thought and experiences in very different landscapes. As of 2018, I am  back in San Diego and energized creating here, participating in the art opportunities and connecting with other San Diego artists. 

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